In this post I would like to share a study I just read on lavender essential oil and how it is has been shown to be helpful for sleep issues.

Purpose – to assess the effect of inhaled lavender essential oil on sleep quality and quantity in college students.

Students were ages 18-36 with self reported sleep issues. Students from University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus.

5 consecutive nights, subjects apply a patch on mid-upper chest at bedtime and removed it in the morning. Each 3 cm adhesive patch contained a 1 cm disc of absorbent material that was either unfilled or contained 55 micro liters or lavender oil.

Sleep quantity was measured via a sleep diary and Fitbit One that tracks sleep based on movement. Sleep quality was measured with Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index and the NIH Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System sleep disturbance short form.

Outcome of study- the lavender group had a clinically significant improvement in sleep quality, while there was no clinically significant change in sleep quality in the sleep hygiene-only group. The lavender group had less daytime fatigue at day 5 and follow-up and more likely to wake up refreshed at day 5. In addition, the authors state that the effect of sleep quality in the lavender group persisted for 2 weeks after study was suspended although the rationale was not known. The authors conclude that this trial supports the use of lavender and sleep hygiene as safe, accessible and effective interventions for self-reported sleep issues in college students.

Try showering before bed with lavender salonsolids blend hair & body cleanser. Please report if you find your night time sleep and day time energy improving.:-)