What is is?

Quillaja saponaria, the soap bark tree or soapbark, is an evergreen tree native to Chile. We use the certified organic spray dried aquaeous extraction of the milled inner bark or wood of pruned stems and branches of the tree.

Why salonsolids has chosen it for our hair & body cleanser?

The word ‘quillay’ is derived from the native Mapuche word ‘quillean’ that means ‘to wash’. Quillaja bark has been used as a shampoo in Chile for centuries and is a truly natural and effective alternative to synthetic surfactants.

Is it sustainable?

Because quillaja is a wild tree, it could be over-harvested, resulting in environmental and supply problems. But Chile’s forestry ministry CONAF has developed a monitoring program that enables commercial entities to harvest up to 35 percent of the total bio-mass of quillaja in Chile over a five year period. If a limb of a quillaja tree is cut and the rest remains, new growth will commence from the cut. This management program enables commercial entities to manufacture quillaja saponins for industrial use, but also ensures a sustainable harvest and a good supply of the tree for the future. At present, only a small amount of the total population of quillaja in Chile is being harvested. Even as the quillaja saponin industry grows in size, CONAF will maintain the same strict standards for monitoring and harvesting this wild tree.