We believe in the benefits of organic unrefined cocoa butter!

How do you know if it’s unrefined? You know you have the unrefined cocoa butter when the product is a creamy yellow color and smells distinctively like chocolate. Yum. There has been no chemical processing at all to give you this all natural product.

Some benefits of this awesome butter.

  • Increases manageability and moisture in hair.
  • Helps eliminate hair loss due to breakage in fine hair.
  • Alleviates scalp itching and irritation.
  • Infuses volume and strength in to hair when used regularly.
  • Helps fine hair appear thicker and more lustrous.
  • Replenishes lost oils from chemical processes like color.
  • Strengthens hair shaft.
  • Promotes healthier scalp providing a good environment for proper hair growth.


Always look for unrefined cocoa butter so you know all of the wonderful vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and fatty acids that make this product so beneficial to you are still in tact. <3