Are you feeling the need to re-energize your space? While we are well into Spring you could still be feeling a bit bogged down and there are some great rituals that can help to bring some vitality to your space.

We all know how going through our closets to put away our winter clothes, tossing out all the expired food in the back of the fridge and cupboards, but awakening the energy of your home’s spirit is a great way to welcome the changing seasons.  Open all the windows, doors, and cupboards in your house, and burn some dried herbs, or incense and waft the cleansing smoke around your entire home. This is a great way to cleanse your space energetically.I love to put some drops of basil essential oil in a spray bottle with water and go around freshening spaces with it. Maybe it’s the Italian in me.:) I’ve even misted it in the dryer to help freshen clothes. Sage is also really nice for this routine.

Going through your bathroom and clearing out all the old products and items you don’t use is another great way to re-energize your space. I’ve been moving towards a mimimalist mentality and want less spaces to store clutter. With salonsolids you can get down to one refillable glass container for each desired personal care product. We supply plastic free refills for your hair care and can offer some suggestions for replacing other products typically bought in plastic.

It may not happen over night but as you move towards eliminating all the wasteful clutter it’s amazing how freeing it can feel both mentally and physically. <3