Check out the ingredients in your shampoo. Over the years film-forming ingredients like silicones, thickening agents(guar hydroxypropyltrimonium), polyquats etc. have been added to shampoos, but do not easily rinse off. These ingredients have nothing to do with cleansing (removing dirt and oil) and are engineered to stay behind on the hair shaft and scalp. They’re effective on the hair shaft to eliminate frizz,  boost shine and smooth the hair, but they can result in problems when left on the scalp.

It’s been discovered that these film-forming ingredients can actually cause  harm by building up around the follicle and blocking new hair growth. Some shampoos are worse than others because the ratio of cleansing agents versus ingredients that don’t easily rinse off (silicones, conditioners etc.) is weighted heavily toward the conditioning side, not the cleansing  which can leave hair feeling healthy but it’s really like a mask that will leave it feeling like it needs to be washed the next day.  We explored the 2 in 1 but have come to believe that a plant based gentle cleanser, that ideally contains organic cleansing agents and plant extracts, is best for the scalp to keep follicles healthy. Shampoos with harsh cleansing agents, or the no-poo trend that uses baking soda, would probably not create a hair loss issue, but they can dry the hair and the ph is high, therefore not ideal for the skin/scalp. We now have come to believe the safest solution is a shampoo free of sulfates or other petrochemically derived surfactants that does not contain ingredients that are difficult to rinse off.  We offer a conditioner that is now being recommended  for protection and for detangling long or color treated ends.

To summarize if your shampoo claims to condition, smooth, thicken, create shine, get rid of frizz or any added benefit other than cleansing (or treating dandruff/scalp conditions) it will have to leave behind ingredients on the hair and scalp to perform those functions. So cleansing conditioners, no-poos, and low-poos are out. I have been researching product formulation for over 10 years and am still learning.

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better do better.” ~Maya Angelou