It’s been a trend for natural shampoos to be soap based and so I thought it would be good to share why salonsolids believes saponins to be far superior for your hair and body!

One of their great advantages over using natural soap, sodium or potassium salt of fatty acids, is their electrostatic neutrality. SoapĀ has a high pH which is much higher than the skins pH. This high pH is a major drawback of soap in comparison to natural saponins. Another advantage of saponins over soap is the ease of application. No need for saponification, no need for heating and no need for ripening of soap, you can apply the product immediately after its preparation. So while salonsolids incorporates natural saponins into our shampoo to make it more user friendly you can make your own liquid shampoo at home with them. Watch for post on how to.

With <3 and hope.