When thinking of a space that settles your mind and calms your worries, most of us can likely come up with a place. Close your eyes. We all have those places that rejuvenate us from our busy dutiful lives. With our pure therapeutic blends your shower with salonsolids and a little imagination can take you there.

I recently got a gift from my brother of a Palo Santo Body Oil and found it to be so intoxicating that I did some research on it before deciding to add it to a blend.

Some things I read about Palo Santo..

The essential oil has an aroma known to help bring in a sense of calm. A grounding blend that will help set us up for emotional stability and a connection to the spiritual world. Yoga instructors often diffuse Palo Santo during class to help inspire clear meditation while helping to promote full body breathing. It also can enhance creativity and help us maintain a steady focus.

Palo Santo essential is extracted from the aged wood of fallen trees through a steam distillation method. The trees are native to Central and South America growing up to 30 feet. They have grey bark, green leaves and clusters of small flowers. Palo Santo is part of the same family as Frankincense, Myrrh and Elemi.. so of course for salonsolids it was love.

I now love to burn the wood at home.

For men and women. It’s magical and universal. <3