Are you still using soap?? Well honestly, I am too! There’s this simple natural vibe about it isn’t there? I’ve been researching a lot on it over the years and have finally come to decide that while I knew it wasn’t good for the hair it’s not good for the skin either!  I should probably stop buying it then right?

So, why is it not a good choice? Quite simply it’s high ph. This goes for the frequently promoted in natural communities baking soda too. Our skin has a protective acid mantle that forms when we’re born that’s between 4.5-5.5.  The acid mantles job is to protect the skin. When you use products that have a drastically different ph you can over time destroy that natural protective layer. For some, their skin is more sensitive and doesn’t take as long to be affected(ex. babies). For others, it may take until mid way through your life before it starts complaining by showing the signs of damage(ex. me:().

It’s been demonstrated that several key enzymes involved in the synthesis and maintenance of a competent skin barrier are largely impacted by ph. Hence, a broader view of the importance of ph in relation to the function and integrity of the skin is emerging. Preserving or restoring an acidic milieu by selecting topical agents compatible with the acid mantle. (ref. below) It’s also been shown in testing that the hair strands do best with an acidic ph of 3.67.

Hope you’ve found this informative. Salonsolids shampoo has been formulated to be well balanced for your scalp, and salonsolids conditioner well balanced for your hair strands. To good skin, scalp, and hair health!