Plastic Waste is a huge global problem. Think about the number of bottles in your shower. Do you recycle them? Most Americans don’t because over 14M tons of consumer good plastic waste ends up in landfills each year. Only 8% actually gets recycled. Now think about your shampoo and conditioner. Do you know what’s in them? Can you pronounce what’s in them? A lot of these ingredients are harmful to you as you lather up your hair and hurt the environment as they wash down the drain. Salonsolids offers a solution to the pollution caused by unsafe chemicals and plastic packaging from personal care products. Biodegradable hair care granules are delivered in compostable paper tubes to be mixed with hot water in reusable jars/containers to avoid filling landfills with unnecessary plastic waste.

The zero waste movement puts the power into the hands of the consumer.  As a consumer we can demand change by choosing to consume differently.  Everything you buy is a vote for the future you want.  By opting out of excessive plastic packaging and trash, you’re creating a sustainable future with less packaging and less waste.

For a zero waste hair care solution choose salonsolids for your hair care.  Send back 11 paper tubes and get the 12th for free! Closed loop. 🙂