What's NEW in 2022 with salonsolids

What does conscious living in 2022 mean to you?

In numerology 222 symbolizes love, peace, clarity, and spiritual maturity. This number is also a sign that you will have a life changing event in the near future. It's the number of surrender and allowing things to run their own course. Adjustments of the mind are being made to new situations that are present at this time. It's a time where the crumbling of the old will give birth to the new. Pay attention the physical world around you and prioritize the relationship with your inner self and those that are close to you. 

There has never been a more important time to really figure out what you truly need to survive and thrive. Simplify. Look at your daily habits and if something is not in alignment swap it with something that is! Mix it up! Getting out of routine is good too.

Reenergize your space! Go through your bathroom drawers and donate the plastic bottles and clutter! What are the basics that you use everyday? I love open shelves with the bare minimum on them. One refillable container for shampoo, one for conditioner, and one for styler. What else do you need? A tooth brush, and a refillable container for...TOOTH POWDER! Yes, it's what's new. Salonsolids wants you to keep it simple with healthy, effective refillable powder products for your bathroom and tooth powder seemed like a logical addition. How is ours different? It features the incredible healing turmeric. Anti-inflammatory and whitening! Good for you, good for your teeth and gums, and good for the earth. Hope you'll give it a try. 

Welcome to 2022. Que sera, sera..


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