A solid solution to haircare created by a zero-waste salon owner.
100% Natural and lovingly formulated for all hair types.

Here at Salonsolids, we love your hair just as much as we love our own. Probably more. And we’ve committed to producing a haircare line that:

Strengthens your strands
Repairs damaged cuticles
Soothes itchy scalp
Shines up dull or brassy color-treated hair

A uniquely solid product that turns into a familiar lavishing liquid that you will adore.

Delivered in compostable packaging and reusable bottles. 

Sulfate-free, color-safe. No harsh chemicals or parabens. Cruelty-free. Period. Safe, effective, easy.

All of our hair care products are uniquely designed with you and your hair in mind.

Pour. Add water. Stir. Wash. 

Plastic-free, zero-waste packaging shipped to your door.

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