We are light beings and need the light!

We are light beings and need the light!

Why we should get outside WITHOUT sunscreen or sunglasses.

~Sunscreen blocks the UVB rays from the sun, which our bodies need!

~Synthetic chemicals in sunscreens are toxic and are absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream.

~Synthetic Vitamin D operates as a light screen, not a sunshine vitamin.

~UV rays also enter through the eyes and our eyes love retinol. Vitamin A is a light sensor.

~Synthetic sunglasses keep the sunlight from breaking down retinol into retinoids, which allows us to produce our own NATURAL supply of Vitamin D.

~Synthetic Vitamin A  is not processed the same way in the body as Mother Nature’s retinol sources, and can lead to other imbalances in our metabolism, such as vitamin A toxicity.

Nothing in nature occurs in isolation. Everything is in relationship.

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