Mucilage and Marshmallows

Mucilage and Marshmallows

Did you know Marshmallows used to actually contain Marshmallow Root? 

Why does this somehow seem symbolic for the times we are living in. We have lost our connection to our true nature and would benefit from reconnecting.

One way is to reconnect is to start looking at what products are made from and better yet where the ingredients in there came from! Nature provides for us we just need to take the time to get to know each other again.

Our outer is a reflection of the inner so it just makes sense that if it's good for the inner it's going to be good for the outer. All plants produce mucilage yet some plants, seaweed, certain seeds and roots have more. This mucilage absorbs water and can provide a protective healing film for the gut when taken internally, and can do the same for the cuticle of the hair when applied topically! Especially great for activating and softening curls. 

Marshmallow Root is found in salonsolids conditioner. Make marshmallows real again. 

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