Let me reintroduce you to Amla and tell you some reasons why we love her and know you will too! If you haven't met her yet than maybe you'll agree after reading this that it's time you do!

Amla is a super fruit. A very powerful berry whose name comes from the sanskrit word Amalika, the Indian Gooseberry.

Some reasons to love her.

1. Vitamin C content- Most vitamin C on the market comes from synthetic ascorbic acid, which is mainly sourced from China. Amla is a berry, which is organic and sustainably sourced from India. She contains 20-30x the vitamin C of an orange making her the clear winner in this category.  

2. Antioxidant super powers- The best way to measure antioxidant activity is using the ORAC test and she comes out on top there too. 55x higher than fresh blueberries, and still 1.5x higher than Acai!

3. Kills lice- Salonsolids found it very interesting due to the fact that there's been increasing resistance to the current chemicals that are being used in treatments for lice. This has created a new interest into possible herbal remedies. 

4. Treatment for thinning hair- Works by reducing the enzyme 5a-reductase. This is the enzyme which converts testosterone into hormone DHT(dihydrotesterone). Studies have been done that have shown Amla to promote hair growth better than Minoxidil(conventional hair loss drug). Once again nature wins!

5. Hair health benefits- Time tested to benefit hair in multiple ways. When used in conditioner it enhances shine, and adds amazing texture, volume, and slip! 

6. Reduces grey hair- Did this catch your attention? This is likely due to the antioxidant and vitamin C content that fight free radicals. 

7. Natural pigments- Tones brassiness, which is unwanted no matter your color.  

Salonsolids hopes you see why this super fruit is in our conditioner and convinces you, if you haven't already, to meet this supernova. With the death of the old comes rebirth! Nature will win! 

*Used in salonsolids conditioner.


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