See Your Hair As An Ecosystem.

See Your Hair As An Ecosystem.

Healthy hair just like a healthy body and a healthy planet should contain around 70% water. When our scalp and hair is hydrated well it is balanced. When dehydrated it will feel dry and lifeless.

The SS Just Add Water System

~Adding water to your SS shampoo and conditioner once they have been applied to the scalp and hair takes advantage of the products action as water infusing wetting agents. The wetting agents in SS hair products help the scalp and hair to absorb the water along with the life giving plant extracts.   

~Massaging our shampoo into the scalp and raking conditioner through the hair with your fingers will help thoroughly saturate the scalp and hair evenly with the transformed more fluid products. 

-This will allow for more of the therapeutic penetrating ingredients to find their way into the scalp follicles and into the hair cuticle because of the better coverage and more thorough saturation. 

This system alters elements of flexibility and lubrication to change behavior of the hair strands, and will deliver more hydration to the scalp with our new form "just add water" products. 


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