Nature is not only good to have but it's a must have for physical health and cognitive function many studies have found. As if we need a study to tell us that though right? While the wellness achieved from spending more time in nature is pretty self evident, there has been studies done that have specifically shown reduction of inflammation in the body and increase in the functional activity of anti-viral cells, which is interesting. Studies that have been done have also shown that natural aromas secreted by evergreen trees, known as phytoncide, are associated with improvements in the activity of human frontline immune defenders. So we are not only gaining the benefits from the activity of going for a walk/hike has on keeping our bodies fit, we are also in turn switching on more activity from our bodies own "frontline workers". Nature’s health benefits are wide-ranging and strong associations between access to nature and longer, healthier lives are increasingly revealed by science. 

The Cure. Coming to a forest near you. Try salonsolids forest blend products for added benefit. Infused with pure magical forest essences.  

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