How to recognize a quality NATURAL shampoo?

How to recognize a quality NATURAL shampoo?

Most shampoo use synthetic surfactants. "Natural" shampoos included. The problem with synthetic surfactants is they contain petroleum based ethylene oxide, which is considered to be carcinogenic. These surfactants make the scalp permeable so that toxins can enter the body and accumulate in the organs. They also have a high allergy potential and are the trigger for various scalp problems. Basically, the more  copious the lather the more aggresive the surfactant acts on your scalp and hair. Many shampoos will add film formers to attempt to counteract irritation but this doesn't take away the fact that the synthetic surfactants are not a healthy choice, and certainly not a natural one. One example of a surfactant used in a "natural" shampoo which is synthetic would be Cocomidropyl Betaine. It contains a proportion of petroleum chemistry and is a known allergen. 

The most natural shampoos are going to be made from plant saponins. While these are effective cleansers in order for them to be user friendly a light lather is helpful for application. The next best natural surfactant comes from amino acids and will create a soft lather that is has been shown to be optimal for scalp and membrane compatibility.  These amino based surfactants are usually only used as co-surfactants due to being much more expensive and not creating the unecessary high lather many have become familiar with. 

Salonsolids has combined sustainably sourced and certified organic plant saponins with these superior amino acid based surfactants to create the highest quality natural shampoo. Formulated for cleansing even sensitive and allergenic types. Leaving shiny hair while protecting the great barrier for your body(aka acid mantle), and the great barrier for our ecosystem(aka coral reefs).

There is no seperation. 

Less Lather, More Love.

Less lather, More love. 

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