Plant Powered Hair Care

Plant Powered Hair Care

Did you know that natural ingredients can heal?

We're currently living in a society that has been immersed in petrochemically derived toxic chemicals and we're now getting a big wake up call. All these pesticides, and anti-biotics are destroying our eco-system..and yes, we are a part of that eco-system. We now must recognize our interconnedness and do what we can to bring it back into balance.

Salonsolids uses natural extracts of organic Quillaja Saponaria(soapbark) as the main cleanser in our shampoo, which contains a number of physiologically active triterpenoid saponins that have anti-viral activity. Pretty much super powers. :) A bit on how it works is the saponins offer unique mechanisms of anti-viral action, including interactions with viral envelopes leading to their destruction, and interactions with host cell membranes leading to a loss of virus binding sites and coating of cells to prevent virus binding, blocking virus infections of the cells. Viral Envelopes are the outer layer of the stage of their life-cycle when they are between host cells. This blocking activity is active for cells in the presence of the Quillaja and for up to 16 hrs after its removal. That's pretty awesome for a daily cleanser right?  

Our bodies are regularly exposed to viruses so why not use hair care that supports your wellness and reduces the toxin load on you and the environment. 

Join us in breaking out of this old dying system, and be a part of a new rising one!  When we know better, we can do better.

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