Magical Shungite

Magical Shungite

What is Shungite?

Shungite is a shiny stone that is made of mostly carbon, which is the same element that diamonds and graphite come from. However, unlike graphite, it has an unusual luminous black color with the higher end stones exhibiting a silver shimmer. In it's purest form, shungite is composed of small quantities of miniscule hollow carbon particles called fullerenes. Elite shungite, used in salonsolids,  is a black, glasslike mineral with a silver reflect. It has more than 90 percent organic carbon and is believed to possess healing energy.

Where does it come from?

Shungite was discovered in Russia near the Shunga village in the late 1800’s. Peter the Great constructed what would now be considered the first spa in Russia to enjoy the cleansing effect of the stone. Today, the powerful shungite EMF radiation blocking and purifying capability has been recognized by the scientific community.

Shungite is primarily found in the Karelia region in Russia. Karelia produces approximately 300,000,000 tons of the mineral, so there won’t be any shortages of the stone in the near future. Despite it's remote origins, it is very accessible to consumers due to the heightened demand for its purifying and EMF neutralizing capabilities.

How does it purify water?

Water can be purified in a variety of ways to make it safe for consumption. This includes using chlorine, iodine, and ultraviolet as well as boiling the water for filtration. Yet although these approaches destroy bacteria, they also add potentially harmful chemicals to the water and diminish the water quality.

Allowing shungite to sit in water for a few days creates what is known as “shungite water.” Again, this process can be traced to Peter the Great of Russia who gave shungite water to his soldiers and used it in his spa. And now, water testing methods have proven that the shungite mineral can purify water, and it is often found in modern water filtration technology. When using shungite as a holistic filtering agent to clean water, it has been proven to treat the symptoms of many skin conditions, which is why salonsolids has chosen to infuse it in our new shampoo. 

Geopathic stress is a somewhat unknown concept that covers the connection between the Earth’s energy and human well-being. Incorporating shungite into your cleansing routine is another way to reduce the negative affects of EMF waves and to help your body and mind stay well balanced. 







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