Non-toxic Keratin Treatment. Naturally Safe and Effective. Really?

Non-toxic Keratin Treatment. Naturally Safe and Effective. Really?

The #1 request salonsolids has received lately is..."Can you please create a non-toxic keratin treatment?!" These smoothing treatments deliver results clients love and are promoted to restore the health of the hair but is that really what they're doing? They claim to be "formaldehyde free" therefore "non-toxic" but are they really?

Salonsolids mission has been to create effective products without the harmful chemicals so this inquiry is right down our alley. While these keratin treatments claiming to be non-toxic do not contain formaldehyde as an ingredient they do contain ingredients that release formaldehyde with high heat(necessary for the treatment). What to look for from the popular ones I looked at is glyoxylic, and glyoxyloyl carbocysteine, which contains silicones such as cyclopentasiloxane, dimethicone and phenyl trimethicone. Another irony in this is while consumers are looking to avoid silicones they are likely unknowingly getting these silicones coated onto the hair with the additional formaldehyde exposure released when flat ironed with high heat into the hair! Willing to compromise for beauty? Maybe you are, but salonsolids knows consumers have the right to be informed when making decisions that could impact their health.

This reminds me of the bait and switch of sulfates. Manufacturers market their products sulfate-free but simply use an alternative chemical like sodium cocoyl isethionate, which is indeed also an ethylated chemical! Meaning it was made with ethylene oxide therefore can contain traces of ethylene oxide and it's by-product 1,4- dioxane. The deception is real. Many smaller companies may just be ignorant if they haven't done the research.

So there you go! This doesn't mean salonsolids hasn't taken on the challenge of creating products that give you the smoother, "restored" healthy hair only you can be confident we will create something that is also looking out for your health. <3

 Please reference this great article written by Women's Voices for the Earth.




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